Umangi – Restaurant reservations

Reservation app for restaurants

Sector: Food & Beverage

Umangi is a hybrid mobile app to find the best menu restaurants near you, select the one you like the most and not have to wait for them to serve you or bring you your favorite food.


We have developed a reservation app for restaurants that is a multi-platform mobile application for Android and iOS, the service management panel, and the backend server.

With Umangi you will:

  • Save a lot of time by ordering lunch in advance.
  • Send invitations to your friends and co-workers to have lunch together.
  • Be warned about allergens in the food you choose.
  • Be served right away as soon as you arrive to the restaurant.
  • Pay via app optionally.
  • Find the best restaurants around you.


Ionic Framework | AngularJS | Cordova | Foundation | NodeJS | V8JS | DreamFactory | Amazon AWS.


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