Tiko – Swisscom Energy Solutions AG

Tiko is a network of virtual energy storage systems made up by heating and power generation devices connected to the Internet.

The mobile application provides a simple interface to directly control your heating system (and other appliances) both from inside and outside of the home. This allows the user to monitor his / her energy consumption and increase efficiency by using the so-called “eco” modes.

The user can also receive notifications via the mobile application when any connected appliance shows abnormal patterns of consumption, so you can request for support as quickly as possible. It allows the user to access detailed graphics of consumption and production of his / her devices as well as weather data in the area.

Tribalyte Technologies has been responsible for carrying out the development of the multi-platform mobile application for Android and iOS, and the integration with the client’s servers. For this, technologies such as Ionic Framework technologies, AngularJS and Cordova have been used.


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