Tiko App

Cross-platform app development in the energy industry

Sector: Energy | IoT | Smart home

Company: Tiko platform brings the power of a virtual power plant and an award-winning smart home power management system designed to connect residential and SMEs.


Developing a mobile app that offers a simple interface to directly control the heating system and other electrical appliances through Internet-connected devices (IoT).


Tribalyte has collaborated on this project with Swisscom Energy Solutions since its inception, developing the mobile application for iOS and Android devices with technologies such as Ionic Framework, Angular, and Cordova. For the latest version of the Tiko app, we have worked on the redesign of the application where, in addition to changes in UX / UI, new functionalities have been added, such as push notifications, new internal notifications within the app, new functions for control different elements and support for new devices connected to the Internet. Furthermore, in this new version, the client’s REST and GraphQL APIs have been integrated. In short, a new application with an extremely enhanced user experience.


Ionic Framework | Angular | Cordova |  APIs REST |  GraphQL 

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