Industrial Property (IP) software

Industrial Property (IP) patents custom software

Industrial Property (IP) patents custom software

Sector: Pharmaceutical | Biopharmaceutical | R+D+i

Company: A leading company in the biopharmaceutical sector at an international level and specialized in developing cutting-edge solutions against cancer.


Developing an application for the IP (Industrial Property) budgeting in multiple countries, as well as a cost simulation tool for the years to come.


We have developed a web application to facilitate cost management concerning Industrial Property (IP) patents. From the beginning, the tool has been designed together with the client, focusing on the main functionalities that provide flexibility and allow it to be highly configurable, such as the option to modify costs by country, year, and month.

Integration has also been developed to import the patent data that the client has registered in a management system automatically. Additionally, there is the option of adding new patents or modifying existing ones to carry out cost simulations.

Once the server algorithm has calculated the costs for the selected patents, they get shown broken down by years and months. There is the possibility of downloading them in an Excel document to consult them outside the application.

Thanks to this web app, the entire budget management process for industrial property in different countries has been simplified and streamlined.


Ionic Framework | Angular | Typescript |  NestJS | PostgreSQL


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