Embedded software

At Tribalyte, we are specialists in embedded software development, but, what are embedded systems?

Embedded systems are computer systems designed to perform specific functions.

In an embedded system most of the components are included on the motherboard, most of the time it is the appearance of the devices that do not look like a computer. Some examples of embedded systems could be devices such as a POS terminal, an access control system, the electronics that control a vending machine or the control system of a washing machine among multiple other applications.

Usually, embedded systems can be programmed directly in the assembly language of the microcontroller or microprocessor built into it, or also, using the specific compilers, languages such as C or C + + can be used.

In Tribalyte, we have a great team specialized in embedded software development, having carried out many projects for the industrial, transport and digital television sectors. Technologies such as C, C++, STL and Boost libraries, Qt framework, Yocto and integration with different chipsets and architectures are used.

If your company needs to develop an embedded software component, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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