Embedded software

Here at Tribalyte Technologies, we are experts in the embedded software development.

Our developers create embedded software solutions by using technologies such as C/C ++, RTOS, Firmware, and Linux, among others.

Our embedded software solutions have been implemented in more than 15 countries and we have +10 years of experience working for sectors such as automotive, rail transport, entertainment, and industrial automation.

Embedded software: a brief introduction

Embedded systems are computer systems designed to perform specific functions which can get planned by developing specific embedded software solutions.

In an embedded system most of the components are included in the motherboard. Some examples of embedded systems could be devices such as a POS terminal, an access control system, the electronic system that controls a vending machine, or, even the control system of a washing machine among many other electronic appliances we use daily.

In general, embedded systems can be programmed directly in the assembly language of the microcontroller or microprocessor built into it, or also, by using specific programming languages ​​such as C/C ++ and Linux.


Embedded software: which technologies do we use? 

  • GoogleTest
  • C / C++ (any version)
  • Catch2 test framework
  • Qt framework
  • Multithread programming, device communications (network, serial port, GPIO)
  • STL
  • Boost
  • Interactive user interfaces
  • Eclipse CDT
  • RTP/RTSP/RCP. FFmpeg
  • CMake
  • Embedded web server

(CEF -Chromium Embedded Framework- & Qt WebView)

  • Python / Shell Scripts

Our methodology

  • Traditional: We listen to your specific needs, design solutions for your very business, then develop and deliver.
  • Agile: We estimate the scope and stages of your project, then develop and deliver by iteration or sprint.
  • In-house: Our experts blend into your software development team and work in perfect synergy.
  • Remote: We develop our embedded solutions also remotely for companies at an international level.

Looking for C/C++ Developers highly experienced in embedded software development?

 You’ve just found the solution.


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