DecideinClick is a mobile application developed with Ionic Framework and Capacitor for Android iOS that aims to help users in the decision making process. By using its algorithmDecideInClick helps you make your own decisions, asking you a maximum of 35 questions that you should consider whenever you make your decision, and that won’t take you more than 5 minutes to answer.

DecideInClick is a free, local storage app. Your data and the information you generate as a DecideInClick user will be stored only on your device, and you will be the only one with the capacity to decide what to save and who to share it with. DecideInClick delegates all these “decisions” to you.

There are different factors associated with any decision that it is important to take into account at all times. Forgetting any of them can lead to an unrewarding effort, or to a real problem that is difficult to solve.

Although in general we are intelligent, when it comes to deciding we usually let ourselves be carried away by feelings and emotions, often leading to various problems, confrontations and failures. Before deciding on any issue, big or small, you have to evaluate it properly, and in a partially rational way and DecideInClick helps you.

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