B-us app Madrid – EMT

B-us is a scalable method based on collecting information via mobile phone that allows deploying new or remodeling existing bus lines, adapted to the user demand.

Through a participatory process, it provides the transport authority with statistical information with high added value, which is used to generate routes with greater performance and resilience. In addition, the participatory process strengthens the relationship between users of the transport system and the competent authority.

B-us, progressively through several stages of application, aims to create optimal routes to cover the population needs. Thus, the population notices their transportation needs covered with the generated routes, which is also informed by the mobile application.

The project makes use of web, mobile, and FIWARE Big Data technologies (such as: Identity Manager GE, Orion Context Broker, Cosmos Big Data Analysis, Application Mashup Wirecloud, Docker, SpagoBI, …).

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