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Custom Software development

We develop custom business software, web & mobile applications by using the most advanced and secure technologies.

We are committed to creating and developing robust and reliable technology platforms for our users around the world.

Careful listening to your real needs is our hallmark.

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Desarrollo de Apps y Software a medida - Tribalyte Technologies

Embedded Software development

We are experts in getting the most out of hardware by developing embedded software in C / C ++, RTOS, Firmware, and Linux for all types of industry.

Moreover, we have extensive experience in the railway, mobility, and transportation sectors.

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Embedded software development Madrid Tribalyte Technologies

Technological solutions

We are experts in architectures, implementation, and development of platforms for industries and companies in any sector.

Our team is multidisciplinary and has experience in the most advanced technologies such as Blockchain, RA, AI, Big Data, FIWARE, IoT, 3D, DTV, wearables, smart city, eHealth, digital signage, and much more.

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Technological solutions Madrid Tribalyte Technologies

In-house development, consulting and training

Our experts are used to perfectly blending into internal development teams by providing all kinds of technology training and implementations necessary for companies and industries.

Furthermore, we believe in synergies and in forming alliances between technology partners to maximize the quality of projects.

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In-house development, consulting and training Madrid Tribalyte Technologies

R&D, innovation and patents

If you have an industrial project or an R&D invention that is novel and inventive, we will help you protect it through a patent or utility model so that it is yours exclusively.

We develop the physical prototype of your invention, carry out its industrial design and product engineering. We have associate patent agents around the world.

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R&D, innovation and patents Madrid Spain tribalyte Technologies


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