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In Tribalyte Technologies we enjoy working with the latest technologies on a daily basis. The passion and dedication that we apply to all our projects result in outstanding solutions. We love challenges and we want you to try us!

Our team will be, from the beginning, a great partner in your project and we will work together until we reach the greatest success. Our primary goal is that your products reach the highest quality level.

We are experts in software development, web technologies, mobile apps, cloud services, big data, digital television, wearables, 3D printing technologies, embedded software… We are sure we can help you!

Our vision of work, collaboration and service delivery is absolutely global. Therefore, we are committed to offer our services internationally, with the best quality and customer satisfaction standards. Currently Tribalyte keeps active collaborations on the five continents.

We are confident that you will not find anyone more passionate about your success and satisfaction.

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Rafael Barriuso

M.Sc. Telecommunication Engineering

Rafael is the CTO of the software development area of Tribalyte. He brings extensive training and experience as an engineer in the field of mobile technologies, digital television and telecommunications, as well as his expertise in innovation, international project management and coordination of development teams.

Luca vaudano

Luca Vaudano

M.Sc. Electronics Engineering

Luca is responsible for software architecture, infrastructure and security in Tribalyte. His career ranges from start-ups to large multinational companies, where he has had responsibilities as a software engineer and project manager. He also works in the company as an advisor on software technologies.

Nicolás escudero Prieto Tribalyte patentes oepm

Nicolás Escudero

Phd. Physics

Nicolás is the CEO of the company, and also responsible for business development and new technologies of Tribalyte. His experience in R&D+i and his qualification as European patent attorney provide our clients with a broader industrial and market vision, aiming to protect their projects against third parties.

Mónica rebordinos

Mónica Rebordinos

M.Sc. Telecommunication Engineering

Mónica works as a software developer at Tribalyte, specializing in mobile technologies. Her extensive experience covers the development of native Android applications, as well as iOS. Passionate about new technologies, good coding practices, tests and of course always looking forward to continue learning.

Elisa González Martín Tribalyte

Elisa González


Elisa is the responsible for organization, administration and communication of the company. Her professional experience includes journalism and management of PR. Additionally Elisa is responsible for communication, social presence, corporate image and marketing of the company.

Sanja Vaudano

Sanja Vaudano

M.A. English Literature and Linguistics

Sanja is the foreign marketing and sales representative of Tribalyte. She is passionate about communication and foreign languages. Her teaching background allows her to optimize communication and manage the public relations of the company internationally.

José C. Fatjó

Software Engineer

José Carlos is a software developer at Tribalyte. He is very diligent in the learning and development of web applications based on TypeScript, Angular, Bootstrap and Foundation. He has a high qualification in the development of object oriented software (OOP)

Maribel Diaz

Software Engineer

Maribel is a Software Engineer. Her work focuses on the development of hybrid applications in full stack. Perfectionist and lover of details is always squeezed to the maximum to achieve her goals. Her interests are web technologies and mobile applications.

Gustavo de Dios

Gustavo A. De Dios Serranía

M.Sc. Aeronautic Engineering

Gustavo is a patent technician in Tribalyte and has extensive experience in this field. He is a European Patent Agent, Industrial Property Agent and Aeronautical Engineer. He has carried out his career in two of the most important patent agencies in Spain, to which he owes his knowledge.


José Luis Coalla

Software Engineer

José Luis is a  Software Engineering. His work in Tribalyte focuses on web development, specifically in the development of full stack hybrid applications. He would really love to master the use of frameworks such as Angular and Ionic. He is very passionate about new technologies.

Ronny Demera

Software Engineer

Ronny Demera is a Software Engineer. He is a great passionate about technology. His work consists in software development and blockchain technology based on TypeScript, Angular and Ionic. He is interested in specializing as a full stack developer. He always is open to continue learning.

Cristina Estrada

Head of Paralegal Department

Cristina is responsible for patent processing and has extensive experience in industry agencies as well as numerous specialized courses taught by the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office (OEPM), the European Patent Office (EPO) or (WIPO).

Álvaro Gómez

Software Engineer

Álvaro is a Software Engineer. His function in the company is developing Blockchain applications with TypeScript, Ionic and Solidity. He is passionate about learning, in particular AI and computing. His goal is to be up to date with software knowledge and always learn cutting-edge technologies.

Elena Sánchez

Software Developer

Elena is a Software Developer, although her current career has focused on project management. She is always curious and eager to keep improving. Her main functions are to facilitate the tasks of the software team and support communication between all people involved in the projects.

Ignacio Ruíz

Software Engineer

Ignacio is a Computer Engineer. His work centers around the development of Blockchain oriented software, using technologies such as Solidity, Ionic and Typescript. He is interested in the implementation and use of the latest software, from machine learning to cloud technologies, always from a practical point of view.

Alberto González

Software Engineer

Beto is an Engineer Computational Technologies, he likes full-stack web and mobile applications. He feels enthusiastic to know and work with new emerging technologies from different areas. Also he is very interested too in RA and RV, as well as in the use of frameworks for web development.

David López

Software Engineer

David is a software developer. His work focuses on backend development with different frameworks based on Java, although he has always worked as full stack. He is very interested in writing a code as clean and efficient as possible, and he wants to expand his knowledge especially of the front side with the latest technologies.

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