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In Tribalyte Technologies we enjoy working with the latest technologies on a daily basis. The passion and dedication that we apply to all our projects result in outstanding solutions. We love challenges and we want you to try us!

Our team will be, from the beginning, a great partner in your project and we will work together until we reach the greatest success. Our primary goal is that your products reach the highest quality level.

We are experts in software development, web technologies, mobile apps, cloud services, big data, digital television, wearables, 3D printing technologies, embedded software… We are sure we can help you!

Our vision of work, collaboration and service delivery is absolutely global. Therefore, we are committed to offer our services internationally, with the best quality and customer satisfaction standards. Currently Tribalyte keeps active collaborations on the five continents.

We are confident that you will not find anyone more passionate about your success and satisfaction.

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Nicolás Escudero CEO Tribalyte Technologies

Nicolás Escudero

CEO & Cofounder

R + D + i | Project Management | Industrial property | Patents | Physics | Engineering

I am a doctor of physical sciences and a European patent agent. I have experience of more than fifteen years in R&D industrial property and software consulting.

My mission in the team is the general management of projects, the definition of R&D strategies and business development of the company, and the coordination of our industrial property area.

CTO Tribalyte Technologies Madrid

Rafael Barriuso

CTO & Cofounder

Project Management| Leadership | R + D + i | Architecture | QA | Software development

I am a Telecommunications Engineer with more than 15 years of international experience in the software development sector.

My mission at Tribalyte is to guide the Software Engineering Area and contribute to the development of projects with the most appropriate technologies and the highest quality.

Julio Gómez


Agile Project Management | Simulation | RPA | AI | Digital transformation

I am licensed in mathematics (Computation specialty) and MBA with more than 22 years of experience in project management and technology.

My mission at Tribalyte is to collaborate on coordinating the engineering software area supported by my enthusiasm about innovation and passion for technologies.

Alberto Gonzáles engineer Tribalyte Technologies

Alberto González

Computer Engineer

App development | Full stack | New Technologies

I am a Software engineer with a Master’s degree on Applications development and mobile device services. Expert on developing web applications and multi platform as for developing backend services.

My mission in Tribalyte it is based on guiding Full Stack team during the whole circle of life of a software to create high quality solutions suitable to our customer needs.

Marc Suárez Tribalyte Technologies

Marc Suárez

Software Engineer

C/C++ | Shell Scripts | Qt | C#

I am a Technical Engineer in Computer Systems from the ULPGC and an expert in C ++, although I am also fluent in other languages.

My mission is to apply my knowledge, my experience, and best practices to achieve high-quality software.

JC Fatjo Tribalyte Technologies

José C. Fatjó

Software Engineer

Full-stack development| Webb/mobile/native apps 

I am a Computer Engineer from UPM, an expert in the development of custom software and web, mobile and native applications. I have full-stack knowledge, but what I’m most passionate about is the front-end part.

My mission is to contribute to the creation of a software product that meets quality standards and adapts to customer expectations, making use of the most appropriate technology for each type of solution.

David Lopez Tribalyte Technologies

David López

Programmer Analyst

Web Services | Java | Spring | TypeScript | NodeJS | Databases

I have a degree in Computer Engineering from the UPM and an expert in the development of web and API services in different technologies, languages, and backend frameworks. I am fluent in front-end technologies.

My mission is to bring my experience in software development and contribute to the development of efficient and quality software solutions.

Álvaro Fernández tribalyte technologies

Álvaro Fernández

IT Engineer

Angular | Ionic | Selenium

Currently, I am finishing my studies as a computer engineer at Rey Juan Carlos University.

My goal is to expand my training to perform my job better and better as a software developer.

Antonio Blasco

Software Engineer

C/C++ | C#

I studied Computer Engineering at the Complutense University of Madrid. My experience is based on software development in C/C++ and C#.

My goal is to learn new things in order to be able to apply them to my day-to-day work and contribute to the quality of the product and the development of the company.

Miguel Vázquez

Industrial Electronics and Automation engineer

C++| Embedded software | Industrial robotics

I studied electronic, industrial and automatic engineering at UC3M. I have a wide C++ Knowledge. I am skilled in robotics and embedded software.

My mission is to develop software solutions by writing clean code to achieve the best quality software.

Alberto Arroyo

HNC in cross-platform

C++| Embedded software | Industrial robotics

I studied a higher education degree in cross-platform applications development. I have front-end as well as back-end knowledge, but what interests me most is the development of mobile and native apps.

My main mission is to learn and improve as much as I can through the development of high-quality software to make technology easier and closer to everybody.

Manuel Aguirre

Software Engineer


I studied Electronical Engineering at UBA, and am a self-taught web developer. I have experience with many types of application architecture and at making performant graphical user interfaces.

My goal is to create well engineered software solutions with professionalism and good practices, in order to maximize the client’s satisfaction, as well as that of my own team.

Veronika Yankova

Software Engineer

Angular | Ionic | TypeScript | NodeJS

I have a degree in Software Engineering from UCM. I have knowledge in several technologies and languages in front-end and back-end, and also in relational and non-relational databases.

My mission is to improve as a developer and contribute as much as I can to the project and the team.

Manuel Iribe

Software Engineer

C/C++ | Java/Kotlin | Android

I have a degree in Computer Science from the Institute of Technology of Mexicali. I have experience with C++ in multiple projects on mobile. As well experience in developing native Android apps with Java/Kotlin.

My goal is to contribute with my experience to develop quality solutions and continue growing as a developer.

Jaime Amigueti

Telecommunications Engineer

C/C++ | Phyton

I am a Telecommunications Engineer from the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos with 7 year of experience developing hardware & software for embedded electronics. Scientific – technology dissemination lover.

My mission is to develop solutions that provide added value by maximizing customer requirements.

Alexis Melián

Telecommunications Engineer


I studied Telecommunications Engineering specializing in electronics systems at ULPGC. I have experience in software development in C and C++.

My goal is continue learning and improve every day to grow in this sector and find solutions to achieve optimal and quality software.

Cristian de Gracia

Computer and software engineer

Java | Javascript

I’m a Computer and software engineer from URJC. Expert in Java and Javascript technologies, building modern web services like APIs or SPA clients.

My mission is to develop applications along with my team in order to achieve the necessary maturity and quality level that the clients expect, while I try to improve my skill through the process.

Miguel Mateo

Software Developer

C | C++ 

I studied Telematics Engineering at UPCT and I am currently continuing my education at 42 Madrid. My technical skills are software development with programming languages like C/C++, knowledge of Unix/Linux systems and networks.

My main professional goal is to get into the fantastic world of technology, explore its limits and try to reach beyond them.

Eugenio Expósito

Telecommunications Engineer

C | C++ | C# | Java

I am  a Telecommunications technical engineer, expert in low-level software and low-power applications. I develop software in the most widespread languages.
My goal is to contribute with my experience to the work team,  achieving reliable and high-quality solutions.  Also, keep learning !

Sergey Talash

Software Developer

Embedded Software developer | C | Windows C++ | Linux

I am a Russian telecommunication engineer. I am very passionate about computers, Opernsource, Microcontroller and everything related to this field.

My will in the company it is based on creating smart electronic devices and efficient Software.

Alberto Cruz

Computer and Software developer engineer

Full stack developer | React | Typescript | Blockchain

I am a software developer, Fronted with React and Typescript are my biggest strength. I had studied computing at Laguna’s University and also have knowledge about Blockchain.

My main goal is developing clean and scalable software with my experience, skills and passion.

Francisco Jesús Gata

Software developer

C | C ++ | Python | PHP

I had studied systemical computing administration in Red and currently I am developing my knowledge at 42 Madrid.

I also have worked with Virtualization and Unix systems.

My main goal in Tribalyte is keep on enjoying my passion about technology and developing as a proffesional into technological novelties.

David Pérez Mora

Software developer

Typescript | Java

I’m currently finishing my studies in Computer Science at UCM. 

I have knowledge in web and desktop apps development.

My mission is to contribute to delivering quality software, while I keep developing my professional skills.

Alejandro Lorenzo Illescas

Software developer

C | C ++ | C #

Currently I’m finishing my studies as a Software Engineer at the UPM.

Developing efficient and quality software.

My goal is to continue improving, in order to contribute my knowledge and my ability in the technology sector. 

Javier Codina

Software developer

C | C++ | C # | Unity | AWS

I am a software developer with a major on Industrial Engineering. Passionate about software and games development. I have trained myself carrying out my own projects and currently in the programming school 42 Madrid.

My mission at Tribalyte it is based on improving my skills and contribute in a
multidisciplinary team.

Elisa González Tribalyte Technologies

Elisa González

Quality Control Manager

Quality Management | Account Management | Administration | Photography | Communication

I am a journalist and I have more than 15 years of experience. I am specialized in parliamentary politics in the Canary Islands and in Tribalyte I am the head of the Administrative Area.


My mission is to effectively manage the internal organization and quality of the company.

Almudena Cano

Talent Responsible


I have a degree in Psychology and I did a Master of  Human Resources´s Administration and management where I have more than 10 years of experience in HR positions. I am specialized in recruiting, development and international mobility.

My mission at Tribalyte is to coordinate and manage the necessary actions to promote the development and well-being of the team.

Marta Siles

Marketing & Digital Communication

Marketing | Ventas | Seo & Sem

I have developed my career in Marketing and Communication and I have more than 10 years of experience, the last 8 specialized in Technology.

My mission at Tribalyte is to publicize our work and our company, opening communication channels. 

If something happens in Tribalyte, you will hear from me!

Lorena Cosme Tribalyte Technologies

Lorena Cosme

Administration & Office Manager

Administration | HR | Social Media | Accounting 

I have a degree in Audiovisual Communication with more than 10 years of experience in administration and communication positions, always ready to learn something new and different every day.

My mission at Tribalyte is to manage the various tasks of the company and make everything… go off smoothly!

Laura del Río

Administrative Assistant

Admin | Technical Admin | Financial Technician

I am a Junior Administrative Assistant, I have acquired almost to 2 years of experience in Administration Area, especially in HR. Currently I am developing myself as a proffesional in as many different fields as possible in my Area.

My goal in Tribalyte it is based on support and work as a team.
Achieving the goals the future holds.

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